At Sidekick, everything we do is designed to make life more straightforward for you. Same goes for the way we establish your needs and wants through our InstantQuote requirements system. Maybe there’s something you didn’t think you needed or, equally, some things you don’t need with your existing accounts? Regardless the sooner you get started, the sooner we can work out all our small steps behind your big leaps.


What is type of your property?

What size is your property?

Are toilets to be cleaned?

Are kitchens to be cleaned?

Do you know how many hours per week you wish to quote on?

Based on information supplied so far we think you would need
, and per week.

How many hours per week you wish to quote on?

(Minimum cleaning hours is 15 hours per week)

What hourly rate do you wish the operatives to earn?

Suggested Real Living Wage Rates per hour are £13.15 in London and £12 in the UK. The National Living Wage Rates is £11.44 per hour.

Housekeeping and cleaning hourly rate

Supervisory Hourly rate

What periodic cleaning do you require? (Tick all that apply)

Will you be purchasing consumables from Sidekick?

Will Sidekick be managing waste?

Will Sidekick be providing feminine hygiene services? Sidekick recommend Black and Chrome Sanitary Bins with Monthly lift.

Will sidekick be managing Air freshening services? Sidekick recommend monthly service visits.

Will Sidekick be managing Pest control? Sidekick will carry out a pre planned routine inspection visit to all contracted areas 8 times annually.

Do you require office deep cleans on demand? A specification will be created on site visit POA.

Will Sidekick be managing any of the following items? A specification will be created on site visit POA.

That's all, just enter your details and receive your customised InstantQuote on screen and your full quote breakdown by email.