The small steps behind your big leaps

We are one of the UK’s fastest growing facilities management companies as recognised in this year’s Sunday Times 100.

If your company has a building with people in it then you are at the forefront of changes in health and wellbeing, work:life balance, people-centricity and environmental sustainability.

You face unprecedented challenges that can divert your attention from your core business.

As your Sidekick we take care of these challenges for you.

We do this by applying marginal gains theory.

We break down every task, from deep cleaning through recycling to security and hospitality, into the smallest steps and look to continuously improve at each and every one of them.

By doing so you, as our client, enjoy the large scale aggregate effects.

  • We sanitise your offices daily, you see staff sick days fall.
  • We provide 5 Star hospitality in your communal areas, you see ideas flourish.
  • We advise on recycling best practice, you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • We flex labour needs around your occupancy data, you enjoy cost savings.
  • We sweep your elevators, you put mankind on the moon.

We bespoke our solutions for every client and report in forensic detail.

That’s why we can promise that our every small step is behind your next big leap.

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