Sidekick has been successfully delivering janitorial services across Amazon’s London corporate office portfolio since 2012. Sidekick has consistently demonstrated innovation and creativity in a historically slow-moving sector with a focus on customer experience which has aligned with Amazon’s own internal culture.

Alex Legg Amazon FM EMEA January 24, 2017

Everything is always done, they always seem to be on top of the game. We, as a company, think very highly of them.

Valerie Brinklow Building Manager Walker Greenbank PLC January 24, 2017

Best ever experience of a cleaning contractor? Last week we had a visit from the Global FM. Angela cares, and everyone knows she cares. She knew it was important to us and so she mobilised her team and made sure the resources were at the right place at the right time. She didn’t need a huge amount of input. Other companies can be very black and white (how many more hours and people) whereas she started from the desired result and worked out herself what was needed. She took ownership of the task. It’s quite rare!

Craig Dabson FM JLL January 24, 2017

At Holburn Viaduct we had a flood early on a Sunday morning, and with the FM away our first call was to Sidekick because we were not sure what to do. Within 45 minutes they had a team of 7 on site fixing the problem, doing whatever was necessary to clear up the situation. What a response!

Marie Jack Building Coordinator Amazon Global Real Estate January 24, 2017

I am so grateful for everything Sidekick have done for me. I joined as a cleaner, and progressed quickly to become a housekeeper. Having won two Super Sidekick awards, I was brought into the office to further develop my understanding of how the service feeds into accounts and payroll, before going back to the Amazon account to supervise. After 6 months Peter and Angela brought me back to the office to learn the supplier management process and client reporting suites. Now I fully understand what we provide I have taken full control of the management of the River Island Account. Most importantly i've always felt there was a plan for me. Oh, and they also helped me with my deposit for my flat!

Tereza Turkova Contract Manager River Island January 25, 2017

Dear Maureen and all at Sidekick,

Many thanks for another donation to Supershoes! It will fund more shoes for children who are fighting cancer.

Thanks again,

Anne Bauling, Supershoes Admin February 6, 2017