Customer meeting to understand current pain and desired gain, the essence of customer brand, member or employee demographic and cultural intent. Customer will share site plans, occupancy data, preferred methods of communication, preferred methods of reporting (for example by site, entity, or by the customers customer) and existing tech stack.


Formation of the exact scope of works, the key activities and services the customer, the facility and the members/employees requires to deliver appropriate outstanding workplace experience. Activities broken down into 3 categories, Fixed (fixed pricing monthly services such as labour), Variable (ongoing services for which we have pre agreed pricing but where usage fluctuates) and set up (one off charges associated with mobilization such as a builders sparkle clean).


How can we be better, what would improve, what do they need? Sidekick leverages entire customer experience team to generate a bespoke service with accompanying specs and tech enabled workflows to execute against and model financially.


Generate bespoke organizational structure including headcount, roles audits and reports, prices for services, KPIs, SLAs to measure service quality, and the tech proposed to manage communications and service requests between all contract stakeholders. Account manager appointed to the customer. Prototype is an iterative process culminating in customer sign off on all.


All agreed scopes of work and pricing information loaded into customers MRS (Monthly Reporting Stats). Ticketing system enabled and utilized to process all requests, teams mobilised. Periodic work scheduled and performed at appropriate time, cleaning team mobilized via Sidekick App, task management monitored. Activity tracked and demonstrated on MRS.


Monthly service meeting where all MRS data is analyzed and agreed prior to invoice. Bespoke reports produced for customer view, customer and sidekick assess information and use it to iterate service as the methodology feeds back to step “Empathize”, ensuring the contract is continually improved.