Our people are our business, and they know it because we show them with the ‘How to be a Sidekick’ training programme.

  1. With monthly employee awards,
  2. by promoting from within,
  3. by making their travel easy,
  4. by celebrating birthdays,
  5. by grouping hours to give staff the longest possible shifts,
  6. with quarterly director sit downs,
  7. by conducting bi-annual staff feedback questionnaires on how to improve their work life,
  8. and by continually investing in their development.


In 2018 this has resulted in;

  • 0 cleaning escalations
  • 6 internal promotions
  • 91% staff retention rates
  • 92% of our people say they like working at Sidekick
  • 87% of staff express interest in last minute shift opportunities
  • The issuance of 12 client led Super Sidekick awards
  • Sidekick growing by 250%


I am so grateful for everything Sidekick have done for me. I joined as a cleaner, and progressed quickly to become a housekeeper. Having won two Super Sidekick awards, I was brought into the office to further develop my understanding of how the service feeds into accounts and payroll, before going back to the Amazon account to supervise. After 6 months Peter and Angela brought me back to the office to learn the supplier management process and client reporting suites. Now I fully understand what we provide I have taken full control of the management of the River Island Account. Most importantly i've always felt there was a plan for me. Oh, and they also helped me with my deposit for my flat!

Tereza Turkova Contract Manager River Island January 25, 2017

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