Robert Walters

Mission: Win the war for talent.

Robert Walters is an ambitious global recruitment plc, who has seen their business soar since engaging Sidekick. We now run the entire nationwide portfolio where our agility and adaptability enables us to cover all of their sites around the UK with 8 services lines from cleaning to security and front of house. With 500 recruiters busy successfully matching talent with jobs, RW needs work places for its staff that are the most efficient and enjoyable in the recruitment category. We’ve also helped this dynamic, demanding client win many internationally recognised Best Places to Work and Sustainability awards.

“Sidekick provide outstanding cleaning services across out UK portfolio, aswell as supporting us on numerous other functions such as front of house. It is a partnership we trust and rely upon, they understand the work environment we need to create to win the war for talent, and work hard to ensure its delivered”

Malcolm Heskins RW Global Head of FM