Kitt Offices

Mission: Redefine the managed office of the future.

From a single site, to 22 properties in 3 months, Kitt Offices’ rise has been meteoric to say the least. We’ve been delighted and privileged to have walked beside them along their journey helping them refine and then deliver on their customer promise. Kitt’s customer’s experience benefits from the deep integration between Sidekick & Kitt’s teams and technologies.

And as we go to press, this growth focused customer has just raised significant capital help them realise their ambitious target of 60 new workspaces by year end selecting Sidekick to mobilise and implement every one. Literally, watch this space

“I just wanted to share my gratitude for how flexible and reactive you have been this week to support the Kitt team. It is so appreciated and way above and beyond. We really value a partnership like this as we are growing, and I’m so thankful we have chosen to work with a like-minded company.”

Founder & COO Kitt Offices