I’m Peter, CEO of Sidekick Group.  I was an Investment Banker at Morgan Stanley, who joined a start up called Mint Partners. Along the way, I founded a hotel and members club called The Clubhouse which won lots of awards. It was this experience of creating great environments that led us to start thinking about how Clearwater Cleaning, and could benefit its customers by thinking harder about their people, and what makes a great work environment for those folk. Then we decided we could do this by thinking harder about our people, ensuring they know that the support they provide allows our clients to produce better work. And so in 2014, Sidekick was born.

Today we have 700 operatives servicing our clients in London & the South East, having grown 5x since our rebrand and product relaunch. Contract cleaning is still the bedrock of our company’s offering, and because we have been doing it for 20 years, we know an awful lot about it. We don’t pretend to be the best at everything, though, and where we’re not, we partner with suppliers who are not just experts, but whose cultural intent fits with that of our client ensuring brand symmetry flows through the supply chain. We then manage these services, schedules, and budgets presenting the data monthly for clients to analyze with us, so we learn and improve all the time.

Keeping lots of employees and clients happy requires robust process, and our 6 step methodology under pins everything we do while determining a bespoke solution for every single client. We have built some cool stuff which is very different to the industry norm, like our Sidekick App and our ‘How to be a Sidekick’ training programme which has enabled us to keep growing whilst retaining the old school family values of going the extra mile and 24/7 access to decision makers that the company was founded on 20 years ago.

Increasingly management dedicates time to developing company policies on social responsibility and ensuring our organisation adheres to them while thinking creatively about how to help our clients achieve their aims in this regard. Our statements on Health & Safety, Diversity, Sustainability, Environmental procedure are underpinned by externally awarded accreditations but don’t fully acknowledge the efforts taken by management to contribute wholeheartedly to a better society. Our intention is to fully integrate into the communities in which we operate acting as a bridge between local society and the corporations closest to them. With our people this means by hiring from the government’s local Workplace Scheme, subsequently giving staff a clear path to progression and for the charities that support these communities, it means dedicating time and resource whether that be by volunteering at the local Samaritans, or making donations and raising awareness like we do at Supershoes. We know our clients need help with this too, and as the keeper of lots of data, we analyze employee consumption and footprint on a monthly basis and ideate about how to help improve. This year we ran a recycling awareness week across our London campus, an innovation which resulted in a 50% decrease in client waste disposal and saw the winning desk receiving these cakes.

We see a future corporate community that is alive to the social and economic benefit of looking after its people and is conscious of its impact on the world. Sidekick exists to support those organisations by making their work environments the most efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable in their category.

Take care,