Just five short years ago Peter and Angela Vohmann had an epiphany. Increasingly the customers of Clearwater Cleaning Services were focused harder on the effectiveness of their working environment, Peter and Angela observed that certain organisations had discovered a direct correlation between the quality of the workplace and their employee productivity. Therefore these customers needed a different kind of support designed, a model that would yield incredible advantages due to optimisations and efficiencies that these customers had neither the time of the expertise to enable themselves. They would need a partner that would go further in understanding the challenges specific to each customer and the needs of its people, and would work harder and smarter to design workflows and systems that would deliver the working environment each individual customer desired. These customers needed a modern fresh approach, one that was relentlessly focused on their people, so they could thrive. And so, from Clearwater Cleaning, Sidekick was born.

The previous experience of the board meant that the family were perfectly positioned to develop this new brand. As co founders of  The Clubhouse, winner of Conde Nast’s Hotel of the Year, they understood the benefit of providing great hospitality in the built environment and the challenges in delivering that. Peter’s 15 year career at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and as Managing Director of financial brokerage Mint Partners enabled Sidekick to deliver next level reporting and transparency that todays customers so enjoy, the reporting also enables the analysis that generates headroom in budget; whilst customers are clear in the desire to deliver better workplaces, how to pay for it is the question Sidekick is always answering. Angela as founder of Clearwater Cleaning Services had herself the deep knowledge of the contract cleaning sector that 15 year ownership provided. These three pillars of expertise allowed for the development of the Sidekick methodology, a 6 step process which ensures the firm gains deep understanding of each customers unique requirements, whilst continually improving each contract once engaged.

In the 5 years since inception Sidekick has grown tenfold, achieving a turnover north of £10m. Notable successes with customers can be read about here, but the firm has also been recognised for innovation by the industry winning silver in the PFM “Partnership in Cleaning” Large Estate category for its work with The Office Group on its 42 property portfolio resulting in a multi million 4 year contract award, winning silver in the Innovation category in the CSSA awards for the development of the Sidekick App, as well as being recognised by independent research house Plimsoll as the fastest growing cleaning contractor in 2017 and 2020.

The reality is the journey has just started, but the future is bright, and of course, flawlessly organised.



We manage 1.75 million square feet of office space for the Office Group.


Sidekick was given the sole responsibility of facilitating everything: from complete building refurbishment, to the coordination of site occupation.


To date, we manage just over two million sq ft of properties for River Island.


Sidekick provids nationwide logistics and support, including security and front of house

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At Sidekick, everything we do is designed to make life more straightforward for you. Same goes for the way we establish your needs and wants through our Contract Builder requirements system. Maybe there’s something you didn’t think you needed or, equally, some things you don’t need with your existing accounts? Regardless, the sooner you get started, the sooner we can get to work on the way you work.

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